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Meet the giraffes

Our new giraffe experience brings you up close to the tallest land animals in the world, our herd of Rothschild’s giraffes. Feed the herd some ‘leafy greens’ and quiz the keepers who care for these extraordinary animals.

Walk on the wild side and make your day at Belfast Zoo even more memorable with this once in a lifetime experience.

About our giraffes

Your giraffe experience

Your giraffe experience will last approximately 30 minutes and includes:

  • free admission to the zoo for the participant
  • behind the scenes access to the giraffe feeding area
  • an opportunity to feed our herd of Rothschild’s giraffes
  • an opportunity to meet our giraffe keepers and learn more about these popular animals
  • an experience certificate, giraffe fact sheet and giraffe picture.

The encounter is available for adults and children over eight years old. Children under 17 years old must be accompanied by a spectating parent or guardian.

Each giraffe feeding experience can have a total of ten participants taking part in the same encounter.

Spectating parents and guardians must pay normal zoo admission on the day of the experience and can watch from the normal visitor viewing areas. They can take photographs from this area.

When giraffes experiences take place

The experience is available Saturday and Sunday at 9.30am.

Giraffe experience price

The giraffe experience is £70 per person.

How to book a giraffe experience

You must book your experience in advance. You can book a giraffe experience online.

Book an animal experience at the zoo (link opens in new window)

Or call the zoo on 028 9077 6277 extension 203.

Terms and conditions

You should follow our Visitor Code of Conduct and animal experiences terms and conditions during your visit to Belfast Zoo. 

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