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The William Brown Conservation Award 2024

Date: 22 November 2023 - 24 May 2024

The William Brown Conservation Award 2024

Belfast Zoo is delighted to partner with charity Friends of the Zoo in creating The William Brown Award. The award competition is open to schools with children and young people aged between eight and 16. The competition runs until 4pm on Friday 24 May 2024.

Friends of Belfast Zoo

Friends of the Zoo group was formed in 1997 by community volunteers with a shared love for the zoo. William Brown was a longstanding member of the Friends of the Zoo with a passion for education and conservation.

Protect an animal species or habitat

Local and global wildlife is increasingly under threat. It is our responsibility to play an active and vital conservation role to ensure the future survival of species and habitats. To honour William Brown, Friends of the Zoo are offering schools the opportunity to take action to protect a chosen species or habitat. This could be planting wildflowers for bees, cleaning up a polluted habitat or joining a local red squirrel group. 

How to enter for The William Brown Conservation Award 2024

Choose an aspect of local native wildlife. This could be a single animal species that fascinates you; a local habitat you love exploring; a tree species or other plant that appeals to you.

Describe what you know and have discovered about the conservation status of the wildlife or habitat you have chosen. You can do this through posters, drawings, paintings, videos, or in a written piece using 100 to 500 words.

Tell us what actions you have taken to protect your chosen wildlife or habitat. This could be anything from planting wildflowers for bees and bats, cleaning up a polluted habitat to joining a local red squirrel group.

Tell other people what you have discovered and action you've taken to help native wildlife. Encourage other people to do the same. You can communicate through a school assembly, local press, social media, or other methods. It will be up to you.

The William Brown Conservation Award prizes

The award has two prizes:

  • £250 for the winner
  • £100 for the runner-up

The competition closing date is 4pm on Friday 24 May 2024. We'll announce the winner and runner-up on 12 June 2024. The award ceremony will take place on 25 June 2024.

Enter the competition

To enter the competition, go to:

You can enter by email: or call our Education office, 028 9077 6277 extension 204 and 228.

Volunteering at Belfast Zoo

If you are interested in volunteering or more information about Friends of the Zoo, contact Friends of the Zoo on Facebook (link opens in new window) or email