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White’s tree frog

Litoria caerulea

The White’s tree frog is also known as the Australian green tree frog. They are arboreal and prefer to live near a water source. They have strong legs and large toe pads designed for their life up the trees. White’s tree frogs are blue, green or brown and can change colour to some degree depending on mood.

Its body length can be between 5 and 10 cms. It can weigh between 50 and 90 grams. 

This species is part of the zoo’s educational programme and is not available for public viewing.

IUCN red list status

The IUCN status of the white’s tree frog is least concern.

The IUCN status of the white’s tree frog is least concern.

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Animal class


Conservation status

The White’s tree frog is currently not facing extinction however it is threatened by the pet trade, pollution, fungal disease and hunting by domestic pets.


Rainforest – found near water sources in lowland rainforests close to rivers and hills in Australia and New Guinea.


The current population is believed to be stable.


Carnivore – eats locusts, crickets and other invertebrates.