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Bearded dragon

Pogona vitticeps

When the bearded dragon is angry or excited, it puffs out its throat. This raises a beard of pointed scales around the neck to make the lizard look bigger and more intimidating to predators or to impress a mate. This is where the reptile gets its names. Both male and female bearded dragons have these beards.

Bearded dragons live within the rocky areas of eastern and central Australia. Its body length can be up to 61 centimetres. It can weigh up to 600 grams.

You can find our beaded lizards in the zoo’s Reptile House.


Animal class


Conservation status

Bearded dragons are not under threat however the pet trade has had an impact on the species. The export of wild bearded dragons from Australia is banned.


Desert and woodland – found in desert and woodland in rocky areas of east and central Australia.


Unknown, however it is a common pet.


Omnivore – eats insects, other invertebrates and small mammals but also plants, flowers and fruit.

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