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Common kingsnake

Lampropeltis Getula

A snake with black and white colouring which is banded or striped. Weighs up to 1.5kg and grows to around 1m in length.

It is active during the day, lives on the ground and is usually solitary. It is non-venomous and kills prey by constriction.

You can view this snake in the zoo’s Reptile House.

IUCN Status

The IUCN status of the common kingsnake is least concern.

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  Fun fact Common kingsnake are tolerant of rattlesnake venom

Animal class


Conservation status

This species is not believed to be at risk of becoming endangered in the future but is under threat from habitat loss.


Forest, woodland, desert – native to Arizona but now found in a variety of habitats in various areas of the United States and northern Mexico.




Carnivore – eats small mammals, turtles, birds, eggs, lizards, frogs and other snakes.