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Wheelchair loan agreement

Terms and Conditions of Wheelchair Loan

  • Belfast City Council accepts no liability for any incidents arising from the use or misuse of the wheelchair.
  • Each wheelchair is supplied with full safety instructions. Please familiarise yourself with these before use. If the wheelchair becomes damaged or a defect is found, use of the wheelchair should end immediately and staff should be notified immediately.
  • The user is responsible for loss of or damage to the wheelchair whilst it is in their possession regardless of cause. Repairs will be charged at cost (parts and labour). Replacement charge for a lost, stolen or non-returned wheelchair is at current retail cost. All prices are subject to change.
  • The wheelchair should be returned to staff at the Visitor Centre before your departure from the zoo: 4pm in winter months (October - March) and 6pm in summer months (April - September). Please note that the Visitor Centre will be closed after these times.

Safety guidelines for using the wheelchairs

Please read before wheelchair use:

  • Do not exceed safe wheelchair user weight capacity (100kg/16 stone)
  • Do not use on a road except when crossing between pavements
  • Do not ride over deep soft terrain (soft dirt, mud, sand, deep grass)
  • Do not attempt to mount a kerb without assistance
  • Do not carry passengers
  • Always maintain a slow controlled speed when going down hill
  • Do not ride in reverse down a slope or kerb
  • Always keep your feet on the foot or leg rest when moving
  • Do not stand on the foot rest when getting in or out of the chair
  • Keep the wheelchair away from children – it is not intended to be used as a toy
  • The parking brakes should be engaged and locked whenever you are getting into or out of the wheelchair
  • The parking brakes are not intended to be used for slowing down
  • Do not hang objects or bags on the push handles as it may affect the stability and tip the wheelchair
  • Never attempt to use the wheelchair on an escalator or stairway, always use a lift
  • If there is any defect with the wheelchair it must not be used
  • Do not attempt to remove the wheels as they have been tightened securely and you may not be able to re-attach the wheels safely
  • Footrests and leg rests can be adjusted using an Allen key or spanner
  • There is no assembly of the wheelchair required – the wheelchairs are supplied with settings suitable for most users
  • Do not tilt the wheelchair without assistance
  • When reaching or bending forward do not lean your body out of the wheelchair further than the length of the arm rests. Do not attempt to reach objects by sliding forwards to the edge of the seat
  • Take extra consideration and care when navigating medium and difficult hill gradients as shown on the Zoo map.

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