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Castle electoral area wheelie box scheme

Changes to waste and recycling collections in the Castle electoral area*

*Please note these changes only apply to some streets in the Castle District. Any houses which will be affected will have received a letter and leaflet from us. You can also check if your street is affected at the link below. 

In 2018, we carried out a public consultation on waste and recycling. The feedback was positive and the majority of residents said they would support a change towards a “kerbside sort” scheme for recycling. As a result we are testing a new, weekly recycling and food waste collection service in part of the Castle District Electoral Area (around 4500 households). 

Regarding general waste collections, 81% of residents said they’d prefer a 180 litre black bin collected every two weeks, instead of a change to a collection every three weeks, so we have replaced all larger general waste bins with a 180 litre general waste bin. A one bin policy now applies to all households on the scheme.*

When will my wheelie box be collected?

Your new wheelie box and food waste bin is collected weekly. You can use our bin day checker to find your collection day. 

The wheelie box and food waste bin should be presented from 7am in the same place that you previously presented your recycling bin. Please remember, we have a policy of no food waste in black bins, so please use your weekly recycling service for your food waste.

What can I put in my wheelie box?

Find out what you can put in your wheelie box.

Changes to black bin collections

We have removed all larger black bins (240 litre and above) and these will no longer be collected. The collection day is the same for your 180 litre black bin and collections will remain fortnightly. We will only collect one 180 litre black bin from each household, except in certain circumstances.* Households which need more than one black bin will require an assessment. Please contact us to check if you’re eligible and arrange an assessment.

Brown bin collections

Please recycle your food waste in your green food waste bin. This is collected weekly. Brown bin collection days will stay the same for garden waste.  

Why have we made these changes?

The new scheme provides a weekly recycling collection of a wider range of better quality materials, allowing us to process most of the materials here in Northern Ireland, rather than exporting them. This keeps the value of the materials in Northern Ireland and supports more local jobs. 

The new scheme is aimed at delivering a more sustainable city as set out in The Belfast Agenda.

More information and feedback

We have put together a document which contains more information and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

You can give us feedback or request more information by calling 0800 032 8100. You can also email us on

*Family of six or more or household with an individual who has a medical condition which generates additional non-recyclable waste.

Contact us
Waste management
0800 032 8100
Cecil Ward Building
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