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May 2023

Adopted Plan Strategy documents

Adopted Plan Strategy documents
Docum‚Äčent title File format and size
PS001 Adopted Plan Strategy (May 2023) PDF - 27 MB
Consultation Report and Post Examination Modifications Not applicable
PS002 Equality Impact Assessment PDF - 2.1MB
PS003 Rural Needs Impact Assessment PDF - 2.2MB
PS004 Sustainability Appraisal Post-Adoption Statement PDF - 1.6MB
PS004A Sustainability Appraisal Report incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment PDF - 5.1MB
PS004B Sustainability Appraisal Report August 2018 - Appendices 1 to 6 PDF - 4.5MB
PS004C Sustainability Appraisal Report August 2018 - Appendices 7 to 9 PDF - 3.9MB
PS004D Sustainability Appraisal Report August 2018 - Appendices 10 to 11 PDF - 6.6MB
PS004E Sustainability Appraisal Report August 2018 - Appendix 12 PDF - 1.1MB
PS004F First Sustainability Appraisal Addendum April 2022 Addendum May 2022 - Appendix 1 PDF - 840KB
PS004G First Sustainability Appraisal Report April 2022 Addendum May 2022 - Appendix 2 PDF - 853KB
PS004H Second Sustainability Appraisal Addendum April 2023 - Appendix 1 PDF - 869KB
PS004I Second Sustainability Appraisal Addendum April 2023 - Appendix 2 PDF - 538KB
PS005 Plan Adoption Statement PDF - 971KB
PS006 Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) PDF - 3.9MB
PS006A HRA Annex A: Conservation Objectives for Designated Sites PDF - 9.3MB

Supplementary Planning Guidance - May 2023

These SPG documents were subject to public consultation at draft stage from 12 May 2022 to 4 August 2022.

Document title File format and size
Affordable housing and housing mix  HTML
Download SPG001 Affordable Housing and Housing Mix PDF - 3.3MB
Development viability HTML
Download SPG002 Development Viability  PDF - 3MB
Download SPG002A Viability Key Assumptions PDF - 1.5MB
Residential design (including adaptable and accessible accommodation) HTML
Download SPG003 Residential Design (including Adaptable and Accessible Accommodation) PDF - 9.9MB
Residential extensions and alterations HTML
Download SPG004 Residential Extensions and Alterations PDF - 6.5MB
Placemaking and urban design HTML
Download SPG005 Placemaking Urban Design PDF - 9.6MB
Tall buildings HTML
Download SPG006 Tall Buildings PDF - 3.4MB
Masterplanning approach for major development HTML
Download SPG007 Masterplanning Approach PDF - 3.4MB
Advertising and signage HTML
Download SPG008 Advertising and Signage PDF - 2.4MB
Retail and main town centre uses HTML
Download SPG009 Retail and main town centre uses PDF - 2.2MB
Loss of zoned employment land HTML
Download SPG010 Loss of zoned employment land PDF - 1.5MB
Evening and night-time economy HTML
Download SPG011 Evening and night-time economy PDF - 1MB
Sensitive uses HTML
Download SPG012 Sensitive uses PDF - 2.7MB
Transportation HTML
Download SPG013 Transportation PDF - 5.2MB
Waste infrastructure HTML
Download SPG014 Waste infrastructure PDF - 1.5MB
Planning and flood risk HTML
Download SPG015 Planning and flood risk PDF - 2.1MB
Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) HTML
Download SPG016 Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) PDF - 13MB
Trees and development HTML
Download SPG017 Trees and development PDF - 5MB
Draft SPG Consultation Report PDF (3MB)

If you have any queries about the SPG and the adopted LDP Plan Strategy (May 2023), you can contact us by calling 028 9050 0510 or emailing

Other guidance

Document title File format and size
Promoting Healthy Communities Technical Advice Note 1 HTML
Health Impact Assessment Screening Guide: Appendix 1 HTML
Read aloud icon Read aloud