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  • City of Wildflowers

    Northern Ireland has lost up to 97 per cent of our wildflower meadows in the last 50 years.

    Wildflowers support insects including butterflies, bumblebees and hoverflies, which then feed mammals and birds. As part of our City of Wildflowers initiative, we’ve worked to create a cityscape of wildflowers for everyone to enjoy. We’ve distributed over 5,500 packets of NI wildflowers to community groups and residents and will continue to enhance our sites and work with communities to develop an engaging, healthy, vibrant, wildlife abundant city. Our main aim is to develop a network of flower-rich areas of all shapes and sizes throughout the city. From larger parks and open spaces to your garden or even a window box, we can all do something to help our declining wildflowers and the species that rely on them.

  • Wildflowers in north Belfast

  • Wildflowers in south Belfast

  • Wildflowers in east Belfast

  • Wildflowers in west Belfast

  • Other locations

    We also have wildflower displays at Cathedral Gardens, Jubilee Gardens, Grove Playing Fields and Belfast Zoo which provide ideas of what can be done in smaller places.

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