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Higher Education

These topics are aimed to students aged 16+ and provide expert insight to the role of global zoos and how they interlink with external companies and other are of employment. They will have the chance to engage in hands-on activities and case studies that will focus on global efforts to protect and preserve global wildlife. This will target different areas of learning including how science is used in context to protect endangered species, and the different careers and roles involved both within the zoo and conservation organisations.

Each topic aims to follow the guidelines outlined in the Northern Ireland Curriculum. It focuses on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding of adaptions, survival, and conservation.

Our educational sessions are suitable for students with SEND. If your students have particular or profound learning needs or disabilities, please discuss this with us as part of your booking and we can look at the best options for your group.

Please note educational animals may be used, based on chosen topic. All allergies must be reported during booking process.


  • Travel and tourism
  • Business and Leisure
  • Marketing
  • Science behind the zoo
  • Classification

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Higher Education - Travel and Tourism

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