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Local development plan

We are responsible for developing a local development plan for Belfast, working with local people, to create a clear vision of how the council area should develop and what it will look like in the years to come.

The local development plan will:

  • provide a 15 year plan framework to support economic and social needs in the city, in line with regional strategies and policies, while providing the delivery of sustainable development
  • facilitate growth by coordinating public and private investment to encourage development where it can be of most benefit to the wellbeing of the community
  • allocate sufficient land to meet the needs of the city
  • provide an opportunity for all stakeholders, including the public, to have a say about where and how development within the local area should take place
  • provide a plan-led framework for rational and consistent decision making by the public, private and community sectors and those affected by development proposals
  • deliver the spatial aspects of The Belfast Agenda, the city's community plan.

Ongoing community consultation is an important element and these stages are set out in our Statement of Community Involvement.

Preferred Options Paper (POP)

We published a Preferred Options Paper (POP) on 26 January 2017 as part of the local development plan process. It was intended to promote debate on issues of strategic significance which are likely to influence the preparation of our new local development plan. It was also a key opportunity for the public to shape the future plan. 

The POP outlined:

  • the vision, objectives and key planning issues affecting the city,
  • possible options on how to deliver new development and planned growth,
  • what our preferred options are, and the rationale for that preference.

The POP consultation closed on 20 April 2017. Consultation responses will be carefully considered and a report will be prepared containing a summary of the issues raised. The POP representations will inform the preparation of the draft Plan Strategy.

To view all documents associated with the Preferred Options Paper, Sustainability Appraisal, Equality Impact Assessment and supporting documents, visit our Preferred Options Paper webpage.

Statement of Community Involvement 

The purpose of the Statement of Community Involvement is to set out our policy for involving the community in the production of Belfast’s LDP and the consideration of planning applications. It describes who, how and when the community will be invited to participate in the different stages of both LDP formulation and the determination of planning applications.

The document will support and supplement the commitments in our Equality Scheme and our responsibilities to consult under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and represents a further step towards embedding meaningful consultation into our planning and decision-making processes.

The Statement of Community Involvement was approved by resolution of the council at its meeting on 1 March 2016 and has been agreed with the Department for Infrastructure. 

The Local Development Plan (LDP) Timetable

The Local Development Plan (LDP) Timetable sets out the key stages and indicative timescales in the process to produce the Belfast City LDP 2035. It will help to make sure that the plan process is efficiently managed and that the key stakeholders, including the consultation bodies and the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC), are kept informed and can manage their own resources.

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