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IT training

SRM Requisitioner (Belfast City Council staff Only)

  • Course duration

    Two half-day courses

  • Course description

    The SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) application is used to simplify and accelerate the procure-to-pay process for goods and services. It is used to buy goods and services through an internet based platform, producing an individual purchase order for each approved shopping cart.

    Once received, the ordered goods or services can then be receipted through SRM. The SRM Requisitioner course introduces the user to all the facilities in the SRM Requisitioner role, for example, creating a purchase order, confirming receipt of an order and dealing with rejected orders.


  • Course agenda

    Exercise Details
    Session 1: shop using the wizard

    Exercise 1 : Logging in
    Exercise 2 : Using the Belfast City Council Corporate Supplies Catalogue
    Exercise 3 : Using the Find and Advanced search fields
    Exercise 4 : Shop using old purchase orders and templates and putting a shopping cart on hold
    Exercise 5 : Item details – attaching notes and documents, changing cost codes, delivery address and VAT
    Exercise 6 : Describe Requirement – using a preferred vendor
    Exercise 7 : Describe Requirement – searching for a vendor

    Session 2: shop (one screen) Creating a shopping cart without the wizard
    Session 3: check status Exercise 1 : Releasing a held cart
    Exercise 2 : Viewing a carts’ details
    Exercise 3 : Finding the purchase order number of an approved cart.
    Exercise 4 : Searching
    Exercise 5 : Deleting a shopping cart ‘awaiting approval’ and retrieving it again
    Session 4: confirming receipt Exercise 1 : Performing whole confirmation
    Exercise 2 : Partial receipt
    Exercise 3 : Last delivery
    Exercise 4 : Deleting a confirmation
    Exercise 5 : Returning a delivery
    Session 5: approval

    Exercise 1 : Changing a rejected cart
    Exercise 2 : Accepting the changes made to a partially rejected cart
    Exercise 3 : Forward
    Exercise 4 : Passive substitution

    Session 6: display purchase order


    Session 7: staged payments extra exercise


  • Goals and objectives of course


    1. To introduce SRM and the processes behind the creation of a purchase order.
    2. To introduce users to each step required in order to produce a purchase order.
    3. To introduce the users to the use of product categories in relation to vendors.
    4. To introduce users to the processes of confirming receipt of purchase orders.


    After completing this course you will be able to:

    1. create a basic shopping cart
    2. create a multiple item shopping cart
    3. use the search facility to find catalogue items
    4. check the status of a cart to see if it has become a purchase order
    5. find a purchase order number through the Check Status screen
    6. produce a new purchase order based on a previously purchased order
    7. open the details of an item in a cart and from there change details such as cost centre code and VAT amount
    8. add notes and documents to an order
    9. change the vendor on an order
    10. create a Describe Requirement purchase order
    11. use the Shop (One Screen) facility to create a purchase order
    12. check the status of a cart to see if it has become a purchase order
    13. put a hold on and release a shopping cart
    14. create whole and part confirmation of receipt of a purchase order
    15. delete confirmation of the receipt of an order
    16. use the system to record a return delivery of a received order
    17. deal with partly or fully rejected carts
    18. set up a substitution on their behalf, to deal with rejected carts.

    All of the above will be done using the SRM training database.

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